The Use of Black Tourmaline in Stone Medicine

The importance of gemstones is one of the forgotten classical Chinese medicine modalities. Gemstone properties have been described and outlined in the major materia medica (the Ben Cao). Li Shi Gen, one of the earliest medical clinicians known mostly for his alchemical writings, noted that the most permanent treatments are derived from stones because stones test time in their evolution, and they do not decay as rapidly. In classical Chinese medicine stones are considered to be living entities which continue to change and evolve. Copper evolves to iron after 500 years. Iron evolves to silver. Silver evolves to gold. All metals eventually evolve into gold. This is a process of bio trans­mutation (chemical reaction) that will take place only under proper environmental conditions. All gemstones in the earth are in the process of evolution in their various classifications. This continuous process of change and transmutation is the basis of alchemy.

Paracelsus in his work “On Minerals” distinguished between chemical formulae and the elemental powers that reside within stones. Hildegard Von Bingen, in her writings “Physika”, used gemstones as the foundation of her medical system. From the western point of view, stones can be regarded from the aspect of their mineral composition, and their application is based on chemical composition. Another application could be based upon the fact that stones have high conductivity. They  are major conductors of energy, be it electrical or magnetic. The writings of Masaru Emoto show that water is influenced by and will hold the intentionality infused into by our thoughts. Stones can conduct the intentionality of our thought processes. When you hold a stone you are conducting your intentionality through the water in the stone, as it resonates with the water contained in your own body. This is actually tangible medicine rather than vibrational medicine.

The mineral composition of black tourmaline shows that it is a silicate of boron and aluminum with high concentrations of ferrous iron and hydrogen. It also contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, lithium, hydroxyl and fluorine. Because of its electrical properties, it is used for frequency control in shortwave radio apparatus and pressure gauges.

Black tourmaline is known to assist the body in getting rid of radiation and heavy metals. A powerful chelation stone, it’s said to draw toxins out of the bones, as well as pull out whatever damages the DNA, i.e., cancer, radiation, mercury poisoning, HIV, chronic fatigue–all manifestations of “pestilent qi”. Tourmaline directs energy away from the DNA and helps the body to contain cellular damage.

WARNING: Black tourmaline will pull out mercury dental fillings because of its powerful but gentle heavy metal detoxification.

The use of rough, rather than tumbled stones, is best due to their greater healing power.

Preparation of the Elixir (Cleansing and Soaking)

Scrub stone with clean (sterilized) nail brush under running water.

Place stone in clean glass container and submerge in mineral water (the effervescent kind). The minerals in the water will react to the stone. This can be seen in the bubbles that will form around it. The effervescence helps to cleanse the stone. Leave stone soaking in mineral water overnight.

Pour off mineral water, place stone in a clean metal strainer and run alternately under hot then cold water. Do this for five minutes, alternating 15 seconds cold and 15 seconds hot. This removes the accumulated perverse energy (unwanted negative energies) from the stone.

Please bear in mind that this particular cleansing method is not for all stones. Some stones, i.e., lapis or malachite, do not like water. Some stones like sunlight while others prefer the dark.

The type of water used is also important. Stones soaked in reverse osmosis and spring water help to build and tonify. Stones soaked in distilled water detoxify and release.

Black tourmaline ideally should be soaked in distilled water (if spring water is all you have, then use it). Place in a clean glass or glass container and fill up with water and place a cover over it.  Drink 1 oz. of water upon rising in the morning; drink 1 oz. later.

Each time you pour out 1 oz. to drink be sure to replenish the elixir with more water. By drinking and replacing you are keeping the vibrations activated. It recharges the water’s electromagnetic field.

Once a week, remove the stone from the water and scrub it so as to clean any poten­tial algae or bacteria.

Once a month, remove stone and recharge. Gemstones are constantly giving and reacting to vibration and thus need time to be recharged. This can be done by either placing in an amethyst geode or on a piece of hematite. The hematite draws energy from the earth back up into the stone. It is the most recharging of all the stones due to its high content of iron (powerful conductivity). You can leave it charging for a couple of days.

It is good to establish a relationship with your stones, as they are living entities. Some people hold it in their hand and send forth loving thoughts of gratitude and appreciation.

WARNING:  Be careful regarding what gemstone are used for elixirs as some (a small percentage) are high in arsenic and mercury. Care and knowledge are needed.

I hope that this information is useful for you. I felt it was important to get this out because of the current situation of the effects of potential exposure to radiation.

The foregoing information has been gathered from various sources, including

from a lecture on stone medicine by Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, a renown Taoist priest and master of classical Chinese medicine.

Black tourmaline can be purchased on the internet from Crystal Quarry, Florida Free Spirits and Blue Water Crystals. These are all reputable companies with EBay.

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